Many of you will already know Rob Killilea and wife Ali. During his business life he chartered Shantih
for family and friends cruising, TTs and team building. Following retirement, moving to Bontnewydd
and together with Ali creating a truly remarkable and extensive home they decided they needed
sailing back in their lives.

With the passing of the years managing Shantih and the Anglesey School of Yachting has become a
bit much for me alone to fully enjoy and I had approaches from some to consider a yacht sharing

A unique moment in time revealed a mutual desire to pool our resources and become equal
partners in Shantih. Rob and Ali, Rosa and I will continue to operate the RTC, run RYA courses and
charters and share maintenance and operational benefits as well as cruising adventures.
I know Rob is very much looking forward to running RYA courses, meeting Shantih’s numerous
clients and friends and loving her as much as I have over 34,000 M over 17 years. She’s berthed in
Victoria Dock for the the winter and we would be happy to see you on board anytime you’re close